Error compiling texinfo in LFS-3.0-pre1

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Fri Mar 30 07:05:25 PST 2001

+-Matthias Minich-(matthias at[29.03.01 21:28]:
> well, i did some cut'n'paste of all commands. can i just reinstall gettext
> (from chap. 5?) without running into trouble?

ehm - your problem was related to texinfo in chapter 5 - that is
installed _before_ gettext, or not?  - so re-installing gettext would not
really help 8-)

If it happens in chapter 6, re-installing gettext might help.

> BTW: --disable-nls means what exactly???

Chapter 5 - Installing bash:
--disable-nls: This disables the build of NLS (National Language
Support). It's only a waste of time for now as Bash will be reinstalled
in the next chapter. 

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