Help with login, get no usrename

Daniel Gryniewicz dang at
Fri Mar 30 07:15:59 PST 2001

> Hi,
> i compiled:
> 00_dirs*
> 01_bash*
> 02_binutils*
> 03_bzip2*
> 04_diffutils*
> 05_fileutils*
> 06_gcc*
> 07_kernel*
> 08_glibc*
> 09_grep*
> 10_gzip*
> 11_make*
> 12_sed*
> 13_sh-utils*
> 14_tar*
> 15_textutils*
> 16_group_passwd*
> 17_mount_proc*
> 18_chroot*
> and copy the libnss* files.
> But, when I chroot I am id=0 group=0 and can't get a name for my id.
> What did I wrong?
> I don't now, I get no username?

This would be because you haven't made a passwd or group file in the new
environment yet.  Therefore, when you are the chrooted environment, and calls
that look up usesrname or group will fail, and programs will fall back to
numbers.  This is not a problem.  As soon as you make a passwd and group file,
the names will be there.


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