linux 2.4.3

jerry jdinardo at
Fri Mar 30 08:29:03 PST 2001

 The beginning of my last message somehow got chopped off so I will
try again.
I noticed that there was a new kernel 2.4.3 so I downloaded it and I tried
to compile it.
 There were 3 nasty surprises.
 This only applies to the compile of adaptec aic7xxx driver AFAIK.
 This driver requires lex, yacc , and berkely db.
 1. link of lex to flex works
 2. alias yacc to bison -y with shell script seems to work.
 3. berkely db version 1 seems to be required and only bdb version 3 seems
    to be available at the bdb site.
 Based on the fact that bdb is now required to do kernel compile with a 
 very popular scsi controller , should bdb become part of the base system.
 DOES anybody know where to find bdb version 1.

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