andrew sprott andru at btinternet.com
Fri Mar 30 08:45:07 PST 2001

hi all

i keep meanin to move to linux, but every week i seem to be
buyin extra hardware, re-installin 98se and puttin off lfs. one
reason is my distrust of ext2fs.

reason bein, a few years back when suse's yast was still in
beta, and altho it was the primary setup tool, if i used it more
than twice in the same session, it would trash the fs. when i
mean trashed, thats when fsck can't repair it and is corrupt.

altho i totally hate windies - see


i find that fat32 is pretty robust. usually after a crash or
whatever, the fs can be easily repaired, cos usually the only
afftected item in the fat was any file that was open durin the
crash. scandisk - or chkdsk for dos diehards - simply
recovers the lost clusters etc., etc.

can the ext2fs be setup so that write delays and dirty
buffers are disabled? this at least means that incase of a
power cut, or any system failure, the fs is safe.

andrew sprott

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