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Greetings --

I'm preparing to build a LFS system -- downloading packages, shuffling
around partitions, and all that fun stuff. I've read the 2.4.4 version
of the LFS book (although I think I'm going to use the 3.0pre1
version), and I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to get going
without much trouble.

There is one thing I'm uncertain about: my current system (where I'm
going to be building LFS) is a Debian sid distro. That's not a
problem, but I'm already using GRUB as my bootloader. I'd like to
avoid installing LILO over the top and then going back to GRUB later.

I've scanned over the Hints section, and didn't see anything
particularly appropriate. Are there any issues I'm going to run into
if I just build GRUB where the book tells me to build LILO?

(Oh, and I'll be happy to document this as a patch for the book, once
I've actually done it, if the maintainers are interested.)


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