advice on GRUB

Rik Burt rikb at
Fri Mar 30 19:51:20 PST 2001

> There is one thing I'm uncertain about: my current system (where I'm
> going to be building LFS) is a Debian sid distro. That's not a
> problem, but I'm already using GRUB as my bootloader. I'd like to
> avoid installing LILO over the top and then going back to GRUB later.
To my knowledge that is the beauty of GRUB.  You don't have to compile
anything if it is already working.  Once you go to reboot just put the
disk parameter's that point at the LFS kernel on GRUB's command line and
presto chango your in your LFS build.

I had to switch to grub due to the structure of my computer and I used a
reiserfs and I can boot all my OS'es from grub where as LILO did not
handle one of my drives well at all.

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