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Marc Heerdink marc_heerdink at
Sat Mar 31 01:50:53 PST 2001

John S. J. Anderson wrote on 30 Mar 2001 21:12:52 -0500:
> I've scanned over the Hints section, and didn't see anything
> particularly appropriate. Are there any issues I'm going to run into
> if I just build GRUB where the book tells me to build LILO?

Maybe you've missed the grub hint? :)

I recommend you first build the entire sys, then boot it with your current grub
loader, then install grub and configure it. I never tried to replace LILO with
Grub in the book.

> (Oh, and I'll be happy to document this as a patch for the book, once
> I've actually done it, if the maintainers are interested.)

We're not interested. We'll have a serious look at Grub once it's declared
stable (it's still alpha at the moment), and it may replace LILO if it's really

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