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Sat Mar 31 16:05:37 PST 2001

On Sat, 31 Mar 2001 14:25:57 +0200, Rudolf Floers said:

> > This is one thing I hate about Linux (the kernel). It used to be a very
>  > powerful and efficient thing. But as the newer version came it got less and
>  > less true IMHO. Things are getting implemented that you can really wonder
>  > about. I mean why do we need a database to access the SCSI controller? Why
>  > don't implement the priority queue for TCQ commands in a SQL-database? I don't
>  > understand this and as I don't want to install he old db1 I will continue using
>  i understand that you don't like the idea of the kernel needing a database
>  at all. i don't understand, though, why using SQL should be any better 
>  than db1.
>  please, tell.. ;)

Hell no!!! Using an SQL-databse is my nightmare... If the developper does that
I'll make an ddos on the servers where the kernels are distributed.... ;-) or
some other kind of attentat.

I' just horrified by the fact it needs a database to access an scsi controller.
It worked years without it... And to be honnest I never had troubles with my
adaptec controlers... 


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