Problems with an old i386 + net-tools (urgent!)

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Sat Mar 31 16:16:05 PST 2001

+-Florin Boariu-(florin at[01.04.01 01:53]:
> I compiled all the packages with --host=i386-pc-linux-gnu.
> Are there any gcc options I should be aware of when compiling for an i386 
> (+387 -- the computer does indeed have an FPU ;) ?

I am not sure if this is enough. You might have to add -march=i386 to
the CFLAGS of your host system.

(see for
> This issue is really urgent, since the 386 is aimed to demonstrate the
> controlling of (astronomic) telescopes via the internet on monday. I
> cannot switch to another computer, there have been made some modifications
> to this one's hardware which cannot be done to another computer over
> night... so if anyone has any ideas about how to solve the problem or work
> around it, a _fast_ reply would be (almost :) life-saving!

I hope to see some pictures of an lfs-system that controls a

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