New book concept

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Sat Mar 31 16:17:35 PST 2001

I just had a little discussion with Gerard, Remenic, Highos, Nomis80,
Gimli and bdumm in #lfs.

We decided to change the concept of the book completely. 

This means that you have to expect some big changes. 

First of all we are going to include only the newest and actual alpha
and beta-development versions of software to help the developers of
those packages to find bugs earlier and get their programs work

Second we will remove all unecessary information e.g. no description of
what which install-command does, no man-/info pages installation anymore
and such. This is essential to make it easier for professionals to
install the LFS without having to read information they know anyway.

This will of course only make the book much shorter. We are not sure
yet, but it looks like splitting the book in chapters is not necessary
then anymore.

Of course the book will not be delivered in HTML and PDF (...) anymore,
because PROs don't use GUIs anyway - a simple textfile will be enough.

We know that this will be quite bad for all those newbies that wanted to
_learn_ something from the book, but we decided that it's best to send
them back to the distributions that just work. There is no need to
_understand_ what goes on there - just use it.

This will of course also decrease mailinglist-traffic. Which is quite
important, because our mailboxes are full enough with SPAM these days.

The main reason for us was that we wanted to have the cutting-edgest,
newest and updatest linux-system in the world. We will be pioneers doing

That's it for now - the other maintainers of the book might post some
more modifications they are thinking of and that I might forgot to write


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