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Sat Mar 31 18:01:28 PST 2001


On Sat, Mar 31, 2001 at 08:16:21PM -0500, edwarddes wrote:
> please please please tell me this is an early april fools joke!!!

What are you talking about? he's German not a fool..well, maybe _Balu_
is but that 'isn't the point.

> >This means that you have to expect some big changes. 

I love big changes, gimmie!gimmie!gimmie!now!yay!yeah!w00t!

> >First of all we are going to include only the newest and actual alpha
> >and beta-development versions of software to help the developers of
> >those packages to find bugs earlier and get their programs work
> >together.

Oh yeah nothing but code that's in CVS, the bleeding edge, it will get
auto-generated every night using the CVS, are vatility should go up on
[fm] now!

> >Second we will remove all unecessary information e.g. no description of
> >what which install-command does, no man-/info pages installation anymore
> >and such. This is essential to make it easier for professionals to
> >install the LFS without having to read information they know anyway.

Oh, also remove vim, us guys all know that ed/tr/cat/doug/sed/awk is all
you need.

> >This will of course only make the book much shorter. We are not sure
> >yet, but it looks like splitting the book in chapters is not necessary
> >then anymore.

Two Chapters should be enough.

> >Of course the book will not be delivered in HTML and PDF (...) anymore,
> >because PROs don't use GUIs anyway - a simple textfile will be enough.

You didn't mention Word! Ohoh! and Flash too, we figured we may as well
use the best technologies there are for reading a text.

> >We know that this will be quite bad for all those newbies that wanted to
> >_learn_ something from the book, but we decided that it's best to send
> >them back to the distributions that just work. There is no need to
> >_understand_ what goes on there - just use it.

newbies? huh?

> >This will of course also decrease mailinglist-traffic. Which is quite
> >important, because our mailboxes are full enough with SPAM these days.

Yeah, can't wait... [Msgs:10064 New:2349 47M]

> >The main reason for us was that we wanted to have the cutting-edgest,
> >newest and updatest linux-system in the world. We will be pioneers doing
> >that.

Long Live CVS.

> >That's it for now - the other maintainers of the book might post some
> >more modifications they are thinking of and that I might forgot to write
> >here.

*scratches his head* Now where did that list go...

/me goes search under 'My Computer, C:'

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