Suggestion - delay chown 0:0

Ken Moffat ken at
Sat Jun 8 17:25:03 PDT 2002


 Gerard has stated that one of the aims of building in /static is to allow
people to easily go back to chapter 5 and rebuild static packages when
they've got problems in chapter 6. At the moment, $LFS is all owned by 0:0
before we try to build anything in chapter 6. This means user `lfs' needs
to `su' before being able to unpack the source if they go back to chapter
5. I suspect this gives more scope for people to trash their host system.

 Would it be useful to delay changing ownership until say chapter 7 ? I
can see that people might miss this step if it gets moved to among the
configuration steps. Am I worrying unnecessarily about people trashing the
host system ?

To test if something is idiot-proof, you need a standard idiot.

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