One more thing... (was Re: Wondering about Ncurses instructions)

Jack Brown jbrown at
Thu Jun 13 04:34:21 PDT 2002

Jack Brown wrote:
> Mark Ellis wrote:
>> On 2002.06.13 01:15 Jack Brown wrote:
>>>   I'm currently trying my hand at at building a "GNU from Scratch" 
>>> sort of installation, complete with the HURD and GNU Mach, etc. 
>>> using  (What can I say I've built LFS too many times to count and 
>>> felt like I needed a chalenge)
>>> Jack Brown
>> Hey, excellent, I've been trying this on and off for a few months now,
>> without much luck, how is your attempt going ?
>   Well so far I've made it as far as a system that boots and lets you 
> log in and move/copy files. etc. but not much else (ie. no full build 
> environment yet)
>> I've tried cross-compiling from Linux, but it keeps hanging after loading
>> ext2fs and exec, and some packages just wont easily cross-comp, notably
>> bash.
>   I ran into exactly those same problems.  Here's what I found:
>     - the ext2fs problem seems to come about from not having the file 
> /servers/exec. all you have to do is "touch /servers/exec" (using the 
> apropriate path) since it is a zero byte file anyway.  I found this out 
> by searching some of the HURD mailing lists.  Also you get a similar 
> error in the same place when exec loads the next portion. this comes up 
> because you need a sym link pointing to ("ln -s 
> /lib/
>     - currently Bash won't cross-compile from linux to hurd (barfs on 
> the configure script, several other packages have the same problem with 
> cross-compiling).  What I've done so far is to copy the bash executable, 
> along with a number of other files (ie. cp, ln chmod,, 
>, etc.) from gnu-20011016.tar.gz located at 
> once you get past the 
> above error, the rc scripts will complain as they caome across missing 
> command or libraries, so just copy over whatever is necessary. some of 
> the less obvious ones are located in /etc, such as passwd, group, 
> services and protocals, also a couple directories like /var/run and 
> /var/lock.

One more thing

   The first time you bot into GNU/HURD it's a good idea to start in 
single user mode so that you can set up your translators and the /dev 

   There's a file in gnu-20011016.tar.gz called native-install.  look 
through it for a bunch of lines like "/bin/settrans -c /servers/socket/1 
/hurd/pflocal" and "/bin/ln -s crash-suspend /servers/crash".  Running 
these commands from the commandline (while boted into the HURD) will set 
up the rest of your /servers directory.

   As far as the /dev directory goes I found that running "./MAKEDEV 
std" from /dev will give you most of what you need.  Then you can run 
"./MAKEDEV hd2s2" or what ever else you need to create you 
disks/partitions, comm ports, etc.

   Anyway I guess we don't want this list turning into GNU-dev so 
hopefully I've given you enough tips to get started (I'm just starting 
to, but I find the HURD's way of doing stuff very interesting).  Mabe if 
more peple get intrested we could come up with some sort of GNU/HURD 
hint for LFS.  Though to be honest that seems like a pretty daunting 
task.  However the payoff might be pretty sweet.  Unlike Linux, The HURD 
is still in the formative stages and something like "GNU From Scratch" 
could have a big impact on The HURD's future direction.  Something to 
think about...

Jack Brown

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