One more thing... (was Re: Wondering about Ncurses instructions)

Jack Brown jbrown at
Thu Jun 13 07:53:47 PDT 2002

Archaic wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 06:34:21AM -0500, Jack Brown wrote:
>>task.  However the payoff might be pretty sweet.  Unlike Linux, The HURD 
>>is still in the formative stages and something like "GNU From Scratch" 
>>could have a big impact on The HURD's future direction.  Something to 
>>think about...
> Hmmm. The formative stages. HURD began _before_ Linux. Still seems to be
> vaporware. Could be due to it's inferiority. Back when Linus first
> announced his "little project", he got flamed by many who were talking
> about the superiority of HURD and GNU in general. Of course, he was also
> flamed for using a 386 for the platform. This was '91 IRC. Maybe it will
> be viable some day, but I'm skeptical.

   Well personally I decided to try out the HURd as alark more than 
anything else.  However haveing played around with it a bit, I have to 
say it's more than vapour ware, it actually works not bad to be honest. 
Obviously it's not quite ready for the masses, but it's come along far 
enough that you might be intrested in giving it a try just to see what 
the differences really are first hand.  (once upon a time Linux was only 
something I had heard of, but never tried out, for instance).  also not 
to start a flame-war (famous last words) but from what I understand part 
of the reason that Linux reached maturity so much quicker was that Linux 
focused on creating a workalike for an existing kernel, whereas The HURD 
is an atempt to create something new, which has never been tried before.

   On a side note those of you who have tried out the Debian GNU/HURD 
install CD's may have noticed that it seems _really_ flakey, with the 
translators dying repeatedly for seemingly no good reason.  By contrast, 
so far the system I have compiled from sources seems very solid.  Given 
Debian's track record sor stability I find this a bit suprising, but 
hey, I guess we all knew that building from source was the way to go 
anyway right? ;-)

Jack Brown

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