One more thing... (was Re: Wondering about Ncurses instructions)

Timothy Bauscher timothy at
Thu Jun 13 08:14:30 PDT 2002

On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 09:09:06AM -0500, Archaic wrote:
> Hmmm. The formative stages. HURD began _before_ Linux. Still seems to be
> vaporware. Could be due to it's inferiority. Back when Linus first
> announced his "little project", he got flamed by many who were talking
> about the superiority of HURD and GNU in general. Of course, he was also
> flamed for using a 386 for the platform. This was '91 IRC. Maybe it will
> be viable some day, but I'm skeptical.

I CC'ed this to lfs-chat, please reply there.

I think its too late for HURD. They had plenty of opportunity.
Linus' project was just for fun. IIRC, Linus wanted something to
play around with until HURD came out. It was a while before
the value of Linux and the Linux development model was fully

Personally, i think RMS should have seen Linux as a blessing.
I'm glad there are alternatives though. I hope that development
on HURD continues, but i don't think it stands a chance against


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