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Thu Jun 13 09:09:51 PDT 2002

On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 09:53:47AM -0500, Jack Brown wrote:
> something I had heard of, but never tried out, for instance).  also not 
> to start a flame-war (famous last words) but from what I understand part 
> of the reason that Linux reached maturity so much quicker was that Linux 
> focused on creating a workalike for an existing kernel, whereas The HURD 
> is an atempt to create something new, which has never been tried before.

No flames necessary. :) But, in Linus's words, he created the Linux
kernel merely as a way of figuring out the internal workings of the 386.
It was his own little learning project. He never originally intended it
to be useful for anything other than a pet project. As such, he built it
strictly monolithic to more quickly acheive his goals of learning the
386. That got a pretty nifty flamewar started between him and the Minix
creator (can't recall his name right now) over the value of a monolithic
vs. modular kernel. This was back in '91 IRC and somewhere on the net
the original comp.os.minix threads still exist. Quite fun watching geeks
bicker back and forth. :P


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