Another request concerning the book.

Teibidh teibidh at
Mon Jun 17 16:29:48 PDT 2002

> Comments, suggestions?  Perhaps this should be moved to blfs-support
> or lfs-chat....Anyway, my two cents,
> D.J. Lucas

    Actually, as important as hints can be, and in the essence of trying to
'standardize' and/or regulate and improve their quality, I wouldn't think a
new mailing list 'lfs-hints' would be out of order. It would give a forum
for those seeking hints to request them, those writing hints to submit them
for review by the resident 'experts' for commentary, etc, etc, etc...
    The topic is, IMHO, important enough to warrant a channel other than
lfs-chat, but it's not necessarily directly important to any of the support
or dev groups either.

    My two cents;P

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