LC_ALL -- chroot?

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Fri Jun 21 18:27:53 PDT 2002

"Erika Pacholleck" <pacholleck at> wrote in message
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> [21.06.2002] Scot Mc Pherson <-- :
> > Well if you chroot you will find that your environment doesn't have
> > this something we might want to include in the chroot
> >
> > chroot $LFS /usr/bin/env -i HOME=/root TERM=$TERM PS1='\u:\w\$ ' \
> >     LC_ALL=POSIX PATH=....
> For an $LFS chroot it is not necessary as long as we are building
> (as opposed to using our LFS system). We do not set any locale in
> $LFS. Therefore the default POSIX is already set.
> You only use LC_ALL to temporarily change all defined LC_ variables
> to one different value. And your distro has surely taken care that
> your locales are correctly set when you installed it. That's why
> you need it on your distro.
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> Erika ...---...: pacholleck at nexgo dot de

I am sure you are explaining it correctly, yet I don't seem to understand.
What I seem to be getting from you is precisely backwards from what I
conceive as the purpose of setting LC_ALL=POSIX.  Can you break it down a
little differently for me?

Your first paragraph I understand and perhaps agree, except it is the 2nd
paragraph that is throwing me into a loop.

Scot Mc Pherson

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