Just a thought on sed

Gintautas gmlists at centras.lt
Fri May 3 07:09:53 PDT 2002


> In  order  to modify a file with sed, we have to use a tempfile (ie,
> move  the file then sed it back). I suggest we simplify things a bit
> by  using  "perl  -i  -pe"  instead of sed. The -i option makes perl
> modify the file in place (no tempfile),

I  don't  think  this  is  worth doing. First of all, sed is much more
lightweight and I'd prefer to do LFS installation using tools as small
as  possible.  Perl is very suitable in some situations, but IMHO it's
shooting  birdies with cannons when a simple sed will do. This opinion
of  course  has to do with my prejudice against perl :-) which IMHO is
too  bloated for things that can be done with sed or a shellscript. It
makes people lazy :-)


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