Just a thought on sed

Doug.Shawhan at gecits.ge.com Doug.Shawhan at gecits.ge.com
Fri May 3 13:06:52 PDT 2002

Timothy Sez:

> i don't dislike perl, but IMHO i think it's
> 'behind the times'. i'm more of a C, PHP, BASH
> script kind of guy. i haven't looked at python
> though; does anyone have any thoughts on python?

In my experience, python is super-versatile, and when written properly, very
fast. The fellows and gals at Gentoo use it for their package management.
Tres' slique.

Python and perl share many of the same plusses (regex, modules, excellent
"glue" languages) but I have found that Python code is very easy to write
and easy to read a week later. Perl is equally easy to write, but is, like
sed, mighty close to illegible when you come back to it! 

As to perl being "behind the times".... I dunno. Anything that is so
obviously handy to so many people has my respect, even if reading it gives
me gas! 

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