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Chad Simmons polpak at yahoo.com
Fri May 3 16:13:22 PDT 2002

--- timothy bauscher <timothy at foce.eiomail.com> wrote:
> i don't dislike perl, but IMHO i think it's
> 'behind the times'. i'm more of a C, PHP, BASH
> script kind of guy. i haven't looked at python
> though; does anyone have any thoughts on python?

I "technically" prefer python to perl. Unfortunately I tend to use perl more
often because it is installed by default on many of the systems I work with,
and because most of my coworkers know perl more than python. I find python to
be much more scalable due to its better support for OO design, its clarity of
syntax, and its internal consistancy. Some people (coming from Perl or C) find
the codeblock indention reqiurements and lack of semicolons a bit difficult to
get used to. But, after a while you get used to it, and it enforces a very
clear layout for the code. I would recommend using it almost entirely in place
of Perl, assuming you don't have to worry about non-python using coworkers ;p

Chad Simmons

P.S. This would probably be better directed for LFS-Chat, but since you posted
here I'll answer in kind.

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