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Rob 'Feztaa' Park feztaa at shaw.ca
Fri May 3 16:01:39 PDT 2002

Alas! timothy bauscher spake thus:
> "i don't like perl's syntax and perl shouldn't
> be used in big projects."
> i don't dislike perl, but IMHO i think it's
> 'behind the times'. i'm more of a C, PHP, BASH
> script kind of guy. i haven't looked at python
> though; does anyone have any thoughts on python?

Although I agree that perl code can get messy in large projects, It's
nothing that good commenting can't fix. Also, a one-line sed replacement
*hardly* qualifies as a "large project", so that argument is kind of

As for python, I've used it. For most simple tasks (loops, etc), perl is
faster. Python's syntax is nice, but I find the lack of braces confusing
in some cases. Basically, in perl the braces (when used properly) make
code blocks stick out so it's easy to see where one stops and another
starts. But in python, since a code block ends simply by reducing the
indentation, things can get a little convoluted. 

Overall, of course, python is easier to read; I just happen to find that
perl is more flexible, and faster, which is why I prefer it.

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