LFS Goals and Future

David Ayers fogey at mindspring.com
Mon May 6 18:23:31 PDT 2002

On Mon, 6 May 2002 13:25:02 -0400
Gerard Beekmans <gerard at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:

> My goal is still to teach. To be more exact: teach people how to build a
> (customized) Linux system from scratch. The target audience for the book
> are the more advanced Linux users. I'm not talking about guru's,
> and such, but more advanced in the sense of people knowing what symbolic
> links are, how to create partitions, mount them, format them, are
> comfortable on the command line and not just able to work with GUI apps
> get the job done.

If I may stick my nose in, I am very glad you have decided as you have.
Your book is possibly more unique than you realize. It scratches an itch
for people like myself who are reasonably comfortable with the Linux
command line but increasingly uncomfortable with the major distributions.
I started out with Windows 3.1/95/98, moved to Red Hat and ended up with
Caldera Open Linux. Since I am completely dependent on my computer for the
usual stuff - writing, finance, graphics, email, web, etc., I was looking
for a distribution that 1) was reliable (few surprises), 2) transparent as
to how it works, 3) fixable when things break, and 4) fun to use. Windows
flunks dismally, and the Linux distributions were bloated and hard for me
to figure out what is going on behind the scenes.

Enter Gerard and his Magic Book. It has taught me more about Linux nuts
and bolts than I thought possible. I cut my teeth on 3.0-pre-4 and with a
little help from the list booted my first LFS. Then I started on the BLFS
route with X, XFce, and a host of other useful (for me) stuff. Then I
designed a distribution to be my next upgrade for my home system and built
another LFS from CVS-20020131 with no problem, added X4.2 and was on my
way. I am confident that I will have my "dream distribution" in production
by this summer.

I guess the point of all this is that your approach was right for me and I
think for a large under-served segment of serious Linux users. The idea of
graduating from a major distribution to one tailored exactly to one's
needs just has to be appealing to many.

So keep up the good work and many thanks.

Dave Ayers

David C. Ayers
Quincy, Illinois, USA 

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