LFS Goals and Future

mdessaint mike at NOSPAMdsaint.net
Wed May 8 08:38:43 PDT 2002

Im a Linux newbie, when i got interest in Linux (5 days agot <g>) i checked
out a lot of the distro`s, i wasnt impressed with them, they all seemed
bloated with software that i prob would ever use. I strarted looking for a
"plain jane" distro and could find a decent copy. I figured the best way to
learn Linux is to build it from scratch. Then i stumbled on to
http://www.linuxfromscratch.org , it looked really promising, checked out
the book, and i was sold. This was exacly what i was looking for. Now im not
really a programmer, hell all i really know is html, coldfusion, and the
like, but im not afraid to learn.
The book reads really smooth, i didnt have any trouble following along, what
i didnt understand i looked up else were.

any plans on publishing it?

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