GCC 3.x Pro's & Cons

James Iwanek mail at chthon.freeserve.co.uk
Wed May 8 10:03:28 PDT 2002

1) generally when people take longer making something it will be
more reliable and work better - so if a program takes longer to compile, by
this rule it will work better

2) just because *SOME* people say it causes problems dosnt mean to say it
does - all the problems
ian has reported to us may have been caused by hardware problems or
(someone made an over-optomized GCC build, something broke, they reported a
bug and ommited
that they had over-optomized GCC and to save face when asked about it would
deny it) - if we all
believe what ian has said SUSE linux 8 shouldnt be used by anyone cause it
uses a RC of GNOME :-)

now this is all just my oppinion so anyone who is a compiler xenophobe
please DONT bite my head off.
any oppinions on the above welcome (except those that start off stupid
do-dont pantomime arguments - no names mentioned)

James Iwanek

PS: to ian: dont take this personally but its only software - dont get so
worked up about it

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