GCC 3.x Pro's & Cons

Ian Molton spyro at armlinux.org
Wed May 8 10:30:38 PDT 2002

On 08 May 2002 19:09:49 +0200
Marc Heerdink <marc at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:

> Please stop this discussion, it leads us knowhere. I see 8 people for
> including 3.1 asap, 1 against. When we'd wait 6 months for people to
> do intensive testing, 3.1.1 would be released and we'd have to wait
> again.

Why? 6 months for a regression test and a good beating by geeks?

And besides, why would we jump to 3.1.1?

why wouldnt we freeze on the first stable 3.1 version and then apply
patches, like we do for 2.95.3 ?
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