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Wed May 8 12:21:18 PDT 2002

On Wed, 8 May 2002 15:08:04 +0000
Spencer Collyer <spencer at> wrote:

> > Oh, by the way, your analogy below is flawed. its NOT the method of
> > reproduction that causes evolution. evolution occurs when a random
> > change in the snails DNA gives it an advantage, and that can happen
> > in the asexual snails just as easily.

> Nope, sorry, have to correct you on this one. There have been a number
> of studies using artificial systems (because they are a _lot_ easier
> to study) where it's been demonstrated that the majority of the
> improvement in evolutionary systems is caused by cross-over effects

Hmm. If I ever get subscribed to LFS-chat I would take this there, but
you are wrong.

evolution happens through natural selection. that is the process wherby
things with a disadvantage die, and things with advantages live.

the method the things reproduce by is irrelevant to that.

the only difference the reproductive method might make would be to
perhaps acclerate the mutation rate, but I dont have numbers for that.

the point is that asexual reproduction does NOT result in a series of
clones, which is effectively what the original poster suggested.
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