LFS Goals and Future

Phil Gendreau phil at xmailer.ods.org
Wed May 8 12:59:27 PDT 2002

LFS is for everyone, everyone willing to learn...

* Ian Molton <spyro at armlinux.org> [2002-05-07 17:21]:
> I havent got time to do this, but does anyone want 
> to step up and do a LFS-newbie-linux-cluestick-book?

I could see that as an extension of the
"who would want to read such a book" introduction. 

It could state that this book is for users with a prealable
linux experience and list things people should be comfortable with.

Next, could be a link to a tutorial that people can follow from 
beginning to end or just read the parts they are missing.
This could easily be just an ordered collection of usual online 
linux references (links to howtos and such, a poll on the list
would probably make the most relevant come up).

Since it takes a linux system to build an lfs, there could even be a
link to a document on how to get and install a common distro 
(for windows user who want to make the switch so they can
practice and test all they want).

This would take the general-linux explications out of the book, 
leaving place to more detailed explanation of lfs-specific things
(since it could, therefore, assume a higher average end-user level)
without loosing the status of gateway to Linux for new users.

Going through the book blindly is just longer than installing
a normal distribution, I see no point in wasting people time...

Thanks again to Gerard and all those who makes it happen.
Philippe Gendreau
phil at xmailer.ods.org
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