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On Thu, 9 May 2002 13:54:12 +0100
"Sam Barnett-Cormack" <sambc at nights.force9.co.uk> wrote:

> I hope I offend no-one, but here's by two penn'orth:

I can only speak for myself, but you didnt offend me.

> My experience of AS (as a non-sufferer who has many friends and
> acquaintances who suffer) would tend to suggest that AS sufferers are
> harder to convince about things *if* they have preconception

Hm. I would add that to my knowledge, preconceptions are RARE in AS
people. We tend to be excruciatingly logical.

I would say that once an AS person has reached a logical descision
(which might be wrong), they are VERY hard to convince otherwise unless
you can show them EXACTLY where the error in their logic is.
> However,
> AS sufferers *can* on*some* *occaisions* have difficulty letting go of
> a discussion - and this is true of some non-AS sufferers as well, just
> more often true to a greater extent for AS sufferers.

/very/ more often. We have a much greater need for (proper) closure.

> Once again I mean no-one any offence, and seek only to put a balanced
> view into this discussion.

Thanks :)

Oh, btw - can you say Aspergers people, or 'people with aspergers' ?
Very few of us like to think that we suffer from it, as it is a
pervasive (from conception) neurological difference, not a disease.

The general view is that Aspergers defines who we are, so you can see
why being called a sufferer might not be taken well.

(We /do/ suffer some of the consequences of having AS, although very
often its not our fault, but others fault instead (eg. bullying at
school fdor being 'different').

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