Unusual results in regression testing

Sam Barnett-Cormack sambc at nights.force9.co.uk
Thu May 16 09:17:33 PDT 2002

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> "Sam Barnett-Cormack" wrote:
> > > 1) Binaries can be stripped completely.  So can dynamic libraries (.so
> > > files).  The only caveat is not to go stripping such files while
> > > they may be
> > > in use;
> > I feel compelled to point out that you *mustn't* strip symbols
> (except debug
> > obviously) from any .so files (or files of the so format with other
> > extensions) which are ever used via the dl interface by calling
> programs -
> > it will break.
> Debian's shared libraries are generally stripped to the bone,
> especially libc.so.6. This never caused any problems on my potato.

Well, I can't really imagine libc being used through dl - dl is typically
used where a program could call the same function in one of several
libraries for different results, determined at runtime.

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