AW: yes or no?

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Thu May 16 14:10:29 PDT 2002

>> I do know one thing
>> though: Adding a paragraph saying "Now you have to decide whether you want
>> to add Ada support to GCC or not. Mind that if you don't you
>> will...blabla.." is NOT the right thing to do. Most LFS readers don't
>> know/care enough about Ada to make this decision. Those who do, don't need
>> the LFS book to tell them they need to make this decision. They'll either
>> bug the mailing lists for more explanation or add Ada "just in case" which
>> makes it kind of pointless to offer the decision in the first place. IMO
>> we need to pick one of the following:
> Well, I don't vote for Ada, but I vote for a paragraph which explains, which
> languages
> are avaiable for gcc and how to build gcc with fortran, java, and so on...
> (--with-languages is a pretty thing...) and why we build gcc with only c and
> c++ compilers.

Another option would be to add this to the blfs book under optimizing gcc ... 
since the majority of users won't need this just as they don't need extra 

-Juan York <reb0rn> 
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