fileutils 4.1

I. Schrey schrey at
Thu May 16 15:20:00 PDT 2002

hi all,

i just read about this recursive directory removal race condition
in 'ls' of fileutils 4.1 ...

so lfs (3.3 in my case) is vulnerable because it´s using
filutils 4.1, right?

are there plans to fix this in lfs?
i noticed in cvs it is also fileutils 4.1 lfs is using.

or are you (lfs dev ppl) waiting for the next (non-devel) fileutils
release to incorporate it into lfs? (my first thought)

that means if i want to eliminate this vulnerability i have to
use fileutils 4.1.8 on my own risk, right?

or, am i completely wrong and all the above is bullshit? ;)


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