Serious error with faulty /etc/fstab

Jürgen Nagel JuergenNagel at
Thu May 16 15:40:33 PDT 2002

Hi all,

I've found a serious error in the way LFS mounts file systems.

Yesterday I deleted an old partition (/dev/hda4) and the mount point. I 
forgot to remove the corresponding line in /etc/fstab.
When I rebooted the system, I got the error message that a partition 
couldn't be mounted and that I should repair the system. Then the system 
  was shut down.

I was pretty angry that I couldn't start my system just due to this 
stupid bug. It is obviously a logical mistake that I can't repair a 
system when it is shut down.

Why is a missing partition not just ignored?
An error message is very useful and should be display whenever something 
goes wrong with mounting. But if a partition could not be mounted, it 
should not stop the system from starting !!
It would be useful to have the choice of shutting down or continue starting.


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