Ada: yes or no?

Chris Lingard chris at
Thu May 16 16:08:16 PDT 2002

Richard Lightman wrote:

> What packages use Ada? I thought it was only for making bombs.
> Richard

Possibly so,  but I think the option should be there.  It is safe
to ignore it until you need it, then see my hint ada.txt

The build times are bad with Ada,  my slow machine can auto build
LFS in 3 hours, (AMD 500Mz).  I set it off 5 hours ago with
Chapter 5 gcc LANGUAGES=c.c++,ada  and no LANGUAGES in Chapter 6 gcc

It is still building Chapter 6 gcc.

I guess it is what you decide.  Once to have your stable LFS,  you can 
rebuild you compiler.  What languages do people want?

If you want to build Ada from scratch then you need to install the
binaries into your base system.  Otherwise, put it into your first
or later LFS

One thing is bad;  the build times for Ada are huge.

I worked on an Ada network using DEC alpha machines, when they were
considered fast.  You need huge power for Ada.

The build has just started on the Java libraries after 5 hours.

My aim is to make a bootable CD that has build script that installs
LFS, compete with multilingual compiler.

If your machines have the horse power for Ada, then go ahead.

But as much as I hate it,  I suggest that our new members keep
to the required C/C++.  If they want to spend resourses on Ada
then their further builds can include it.


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