Serious error with faulty /etc/fstab

Kelledin kelledin at
Thu May 16 17:00:13 PDT 2002

> > I was pretty angry that I couldn't start my system just due to this
> > stupid bug. It is obviously a logical mistake that I can't repair a
> > system when it is shut down.
> The "shut down on error" can be heavily debated, and it has been, so I'm
> not going through it again. All the info can be found in the mailinglist
> archives if one cares enough to find it.
> To make a long story short: you may not always be attending a system boot
> and you don't always want to continue booting a system if fsck failed - it
> may cause more problems than already exist.

Here's an idea: just have the boot scripts stop and try to exec sulogin when 
this sort of error occurs?  It leaves the last error message up, and if 
sulogin exists, it gives an administrator a opportunity to log in and see 
what he/she can do.
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