Serious error with faulty /etc/fstab

Richard rgollub at
Fri May 17 04:27:24 PDT 2002

Kelledin wrote:
> > The problem with sulogin is that it's very insecure to use. If the
> > password database file is corrupt (/etc/passwd or /etc/shadow if
> > applicable) or missing, sulogin will accept anything for a password and
> > give a root shell.
> Ah well...just for future reference, all this (the password database and
> everything) can be bypassed by passing the "init=/bin/bash" option to the
> kernel at boot time.

	By using the "prompt/restrict/password" in lilo.conf you can always
allow the "init=/bin/bash" at the LILO prompt and let the kernel be
booted by authorised "personnel" to deal with the emergency...

	That's why I have a separate "boot" partition of 10 MB from the root
partition. It thus covers all bases (I think).

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