Ada: yes or no?

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Fri May 17 07:49:46 PDT 2002

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>although i currently do not need ada i don't like the idea of being
>stuck without it at the time when i need it!

No LFS'er is stuck without ada. A recompile of gcc will fix that.

>but i think people have a right to know if the authors
>block them using ada. they might not know whether they will need it but
>they will get a chance to decide. otherwise they will end up angry with
>the authors for not telling them that using lfs is a one-way street in
>regard to ada.

I don't think that the authors intended to block ada users they just 
decided not to include it. At some point you must draw the line at
what is included in the base system and to include something that is 
rarely used and easily added isn't a good idea.

Jamie Bennett
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