Ada: yes or no?

Gareth Jones moderob at
Fri May 17 08:53:52 PDT 2002


> we have 4000 users, now, IIRC. does even 1% (40) of them use ada ?

The main reason Ada is not needed seems to be that there was no standard
Ada compiler until now.  If most distributions switch to GCC 3.1, assuming
most install *all* of GCC, then there will indeed be a standard compiler for
Ada, and gradually more programs will be written in it.

Unless you know you will never install anything requiring Ada it seems
illogical not to install the compiler.  LFS is not just about building a base
system for the sake of it, it's about building a base system we can expand to
suit our needs.  Sooner or later many of us will need Ada.

If we don't want Ada all we need do is skip the binary installation in
Chapter 5, and add/adjust the configure command appropriately.  This seems
easier for majority than leaving those who want Ada to figure it out for
themselves or hoping they will realise they need to do anything special and
read the hint.  IMHO people who don't install Ada are the people who should
know exactly what they are doing, not people who just want a complete base
to build on.

Anyway back lurking, I'm not happy with that last sentence either but I can't
think how to say what I mean.
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