Ada: yes or no?

Nicholas Dille darkyeti at
Fri May 17 12:18:01 PDT 2002

On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 08:10:14PM +0100, Ian Molton wrote:
> so, should we put a warning in chapter five for ada users? what about
> package xyz that also bootstraps itself?
> If /ANYTHING/ goes into the book, it should be a /general/ note that
> /any/ self bootstrapping programs that exist in the host distro, /and/
> are wanted in the LFS system, should be compiled in chapter 5 so they
> can bootstrap in the post chapter 6 environment.
> we shouldnt be putting in specific comments about non-LFS packages (of
> which ada /is/ one).

well gcc (i.e. the gnu compiler collection) is part of the book. so it
is a standard lfs package. if the lfs book is not using a certain
feature because of its philosophy that is just fine. but users should
have a chance to decide whether they _want_ to have that feature for
_their_ system.
and you bet they want to know before their lfs system is finished and
they need to go through hell (that's exagerated ;-)) to change a lfs
standard package's feature.

i don't really understand the fuss about a note of, say, 4-6 lines
explaining what is going on with ada. nobody is forced to read it.
those who know what it is about make up their mind and go right ahead
and those who have not heard of ada get a chance to understand what the
problem is and make up their mind.
and there you go .. they _learned_ something ... about bootstrapping ...
about circular dependencies ... about ada ... and probably a hell lot

that's what lfs is about!

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