Ada: yes or no?

Ian Molton spyro at
Sat May 18 05:02:52 PDT 2002

On Sat, 18 May 2002 12:41:54 +0100
tristan <twem2-lfs at> wrote:

> > It makes it harder to install ANY self bootstrapping package.
> apart from the C and C++ compiler.

well obviously apart from the ones we actually install, yes. that
somewhat stands to reason.

Not installing Ada doesnt make it any harder to install later than not
installing any other self-bootstrapping software.

> > I know what you are saying, but you arent answering my question
> > (which is WHY I keep repeating it).
> > 
> > WHY does ADA deserve a SPECIAL mention, and not OTHER *self
> > bootstrapping* packages?
> We /do/ keep on answering it.
> Once more: Ada is included in GCC.

No, it is an OPTIONAL part of GCC, just like java, g77 etc. its
available as a seperate package.

gnome-print is a seperate package from the rest of gnome. if I tar it up
along with the core gnome stuff, does it suddenly make it a part of the


> The book already says 
> "--enable-languages=c,c++: This only builds the C and C++ compilers
> and not the other available compilers as they are, on the average, not
> often used.

I believe the logic is that C and c++ are REQUIRED to build LFS, not
that the other languages arent often used. (java is OFTEN used).

> Now if you did that, you'd run into problems with Ada. So we need to
> include a link to the Ada hint.

why? why is a specific link to an ada hint /more/ helpful than a general
comment on how to build self bootstrapping software?

> The other option is to only download the C and C++ parts of GCC, but
> I'm personally against that, as people who require ObjC (for GNUStep)
> or Fortran(Physics students and others) will have a problem.

Why? they can simply add the extra languages later.

In fact, its BETTER that way - they only need to extract two SMALL
languages pre-chapter 6. any extra languages can be compiled later.

> You'll
> have to give pointers to hints detailing the installation of the
> others compilers which are part of GCC.

Why? why cant 'adding compilers-not-needed-in-base-LFS' not be a blfs

> Anyway, I expect any package I download to be complete.

Do you download ALL of gnome, or just the bits you want?

> GCC is the GNU Compiler Collection, I expect
> all the compilers to be included so I can choose to install the
> others.

thats wasteful. why not only download what you want to install?
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