Ada: yes or no?

Gintautas gmlists at
Sat May 18 05:01:43 PDT 2002


First of all, IMHO Ada is honoured too much here :-)

> We /do/ keep on answering it. Once more: Ada is included in GCC. The
> book  already says "--enable-languages=c,c++: This only builds the C
> and C++ compilers and not the other available compilers as they are,
> on the average, not often used. If those other compilers are needed,
> the --enable-languages parameter can be omitted."

> Now if you did that, you'd run into problems with Ada. So we need to include 
> a link to the Ada hint.

As  far as I understand, the book is just a guide to a useable system,
which  provides  all the standard tools (which don't include Ada), and
the  policy  is  that  it's  *your*  business  if  you  stray from the
standard, tested path.

> The other option is to only download the C and C++ parts of GCC, but I'm
> personally against that, as people who require ObjC (for GNUStep) or Fortran
> (Physics students and others) will have a problem. You'll have to give pointers

Yes, they will have a problem, just as those people who need Prolog or
Lisp or Haskell or Scheme or Algol or PHP or whatever...

> to hints detailing the installation of the others compilers which are part of
> GCC. Anyway, I expect any package I download to be complete. GCC is the GNU
> Compiler Collection, I expect all the compilers to be included so I can choose
> to install the others.

As far as I understand, the book only covers the installation of C and
C++  compilers  from  the  GCC  collection,  at least that's what it's
authors  had  in mind (I may be wrong though) and maybe this should be
stated more clearly in the book.

LFS  ir  *your*  distro, and if you want to add anything, go ahead. If
you  want  everything  provided  on  a  plate,  go  and  get Debian or

And  my  opinion  about Ada is that if you really need it later, get a
binary  package, compile and then remove the binary, it's no different
than  doing  it  in  chapter  5 with a binary package :-/ [Though most
LFS'ers reinstall their systems frequently anyway :-)]


 A friend in need is a pain in the ass.

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