username "frommie" instead of "lfs"?

Erika Pacholleck pchllck at
Sat May 18 07:31:58 PDT 2002

[18.05.2002] Alex Groenewoud <-- :
> In chapter 5 a user called "lfs" is created.  I find this slightly
> confusing, because there is already a directory called lfs.  And the
> (possible) confusion is unnecessary as it costs next to nothing to give
> the two things different names. The user could be called something like
> "lfs-er" or "builder", or -- which is what I propose -- "frommie".
> Who comes up with a shorter and better name?

This is the shortest and most descriptive one.

People who are already confused by directory/ownership names should
probably not use lfs at all. Otherwise you must also change the user
root because there is already a /root directory and never use the user
bin because there are at least TWO /bin directories ....

Additionally LFS is leaving you to do whatever you like and if you
think "mewhocurrentlyinstallslfs" is better, just do it.

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