Console i18n(fonts).

Amir Hardon a_hardon at
Sat May 18 07:36:05 PDT 2002

You are right, fonts are user's choice, but having the system set a "default" 
font for all vt's is a good thing.

Check every HOWTO about a certain language and you will see that setting a 
font for the ttys in the initscripts is not only recommended but considered 
one of the basic steps of localaizing the system.

Users can always change the fonts if they want.
About the sizes, again the default is 16 and users can change it...

On Saturday 18 May 2002 18:03, Erika Pacholleck wrote:
> [18.05.2002] Amir Hardon <-- :
> > I want to suggest a little change to the lfs bootscripts.
> > I think the bootscripts should set a font for all tty's.
> > for users who use not only English.
> > On my sysytem, I created a script called i18n which is a replacement
> > for the loadkeys script, with some additional commands for loading
> > fonts.
> Setting a font is no task of initscripts but a user matter because
> 1. fonts are connected to the vt you use
> -. they don't have a systemwide effect
> 2. fonts are dependend on locale or/and character set
> -. a latin0 font does not help much if I set my locale to utf8
> 3. it is the users choice whether he wants for example 8,10,16 size
> 4. it is the users choice how much he wants covered by the font
> -. like I might need for some files a combined latin-15/greek font
> So put the fontsetting into .bash_profile or similar.

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