Console i18n(fonts).

Archaic archaic at
Sat May 18 08:38:18 PDT 2002

On Sat, May 18, 2002 at 04:19:32PM +0100, James Iwanek wrote:
> i think we should have a balence on this one - system wide defaults in
> the loadkeys script (after all each user of a system dosnt have their
> own keyboard) and then show them how to setup fonts and other bits in
> their .bash_profile
> btw while im at it i think the book should avoid using ~/.bash_profile
> and use /etc/profile which is for system defaults - this might stop
> some people moaning because the new user they created dosnt seem to
> use the defaults they have set in their /root/.bash_profile - or at
> least mention that the /root/.bash_profile wont set system wide
> defaults in the book
> (same for ~/.vimrc <--> /etc/vimrc)

I'll have to agree on the system defaults. Users can change them as
needed (and as allowed). I use /etc/profile and vimrc as well. I have a
one-user machine as I think it's been speculated most here do. No since
having multiple .bash_profile's and .vimrc's sitting in home
directories, unless they need to be there. Now, to figure out how to
clear the screen at logout system-wide (without .bash_logout and with
out the escape characters in /etc/issue). Maybe an alias in
alias exit='clear && exit'
alias logout='clear && exit'

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