Ada: yes or no?

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee highos at
Sat May 18 10:00:35 PDT 2002


On Sat, May 18, 2002 at 04:57:24PM +0000, jyork at wrote:
> I think it makes sense that we only install gcc-core gcc=g++, since these are
>  what is required to build the LFS packages. It reduces build time for those 
> who don't need the extra's and reduces bandwidth on shadowfax which i know has
> been a concern for g.

I was again'st this idea earlier last night (uh..well 3AM :) but i slept
on it, and the idea is slowly starting to grow on me.  When you consider
how much bandwidth we can save, which is generally just a waste, it's a
fairly good idea, imho.

The only other language that gets used at all, in my experience, is
obj-c that few ppl will recompile and install gcc for some parts of
gnome to get a "comple desktop environment".

Dunno, that's my vote.  I stand behind MSB on the ada viewpoint.

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee  ( highos at linuxfromscratch dot org )
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