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Sat May 18 13:28:00 PDT 2002


It's me again.

Let me say up front: this will not result in a flame war of any kind. What
I'm about to say is heavily user perference and as I'm writing the book I'm
just going to do what I feel is best.

It's where to stop chapter 5 and start chapter 6. So let's define what
chapter 5 should consist of:

1) everything in it will be done as user 'lfs' except for the chown command
at the very beginning to make everything owned by 'lfs'.
2) it will do as little as possible
3) only deal with $LFS/static - nothing else

For these reasons, creating the directories at the beginning of chapter 5
is removed and will postponed until we've entered chroot. Because of this
$LFS/proc doesn't exist so we can't mount it (and because mounting can't be
done as user 'lfs' it would be removed from chapter 5 anyways).

Installating the linux kernel headers has been removed too, because that
needs to go in $LFS/usr/include which doesn't exist yet. This will be done
just before we install Glibc. This means we need a static 'find' and
perhaps 'xargs' (they are listed as deps, just not sure if xargs is needed
only during an actual compile, or as well for the commands we run at that
point), so findutils will be added to chapter 5. Not a big deal, linux
kernel is gone, so we just exchange one package for another. Also, when we
redo the installation order in chapter 6 (reinstall GCC sooner) we need
findutils static anyways, so this'll just deal with that other bug at the same

When we enter chroot we need to mount proc, so we need a static mount. I
don't see the point of installing all of util-linux statically in chapter
5, so we'll just build mount and umount statically. So we'll be adding a
package to chapter 5, but it's not that big of a deal.

Creating the passwd and group files will also be postponed until after
entering chroot (due to missing $LFS/etc).

That deals with chapter 5. Entering chapter 6. Things will remain the same,
except for creating directories, passwd/group file creation and linux
header file installation prior to the Glibc installation.

This is all different from how Matthias did it in the keep_chap5_and_chap6_sep.txt
hint. Different philosophy, different method of doing things, that's all. I
haven't even reached the end of chapter 5 yet in my test build so I can't
even say for sure if this (how I wrote it above) is going to work, but this
is how I'd like to see it done. Comments are ok but I'm not going to argue
the location of certain things done (ie what should stay in chapter 5 and
what not). Unless there is something you feel that I'm doing absolutely
wrong or doesn't make any sense, go ahead point it out. I don't mind
talking about it, I just don't want to argue about it.

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-
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