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Erika Pacholleck pchllck at
Sat May 18 13:08:34 PDT 2002

[18.05.2002] James Iwanek <-- :
> i think we should have a balence on this one - system wide defaults in the
> loadkeys script (after all each user of a system dosnt have their own
> keyboard)

The loadkeys command affects the whole system, so if you don't care
about permissions and allow any stupid i-can-do to test his own messed
up keymap - even root cannot help.
Consequently only the initscripts and trusted users should be able to
execute this command. That's what that initscript is for, to adjust
the keys do what is printed on the key you have under your fingers.
And for those special cases where a user needs for example a bilingual
keymap and must use loadkeys, there are workarounds (this is OT now).

> btw while im at it i think the book should avoid using ~/.bash_profile and
> use /etc/profile which is for system defaults - this might stop some people
> moaning because the new user they created dosnt seem to use the defaults
> they have set in their /root/.bash_profile - or at least mention that the
> /root/.bash_profile wont set system wide defaults in the book

... not to forget all those cases where .bashrc is read ... ;)))
I wrote .bash_profile or similar because I assumed it would be enough
to get the idea - maybe I simply assume too much.
And by the way, you do not really have to teach the users which fonts to
set for what, you can easily make a function which chooses the right
one automatically.
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