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Erika Pacholleck pchllck at
Sat May 18 11:33:50 PDT 2002

[18.05.2002] Amir Hardon <-- :
> Check every HOWTO about a certain language and you will see that setting a 
> font for the ttys in the initscripts is not only recommended but considered 
> one of the basic steps of localizing the system.

And every HOWTO about a certain language tells you to set your locale,
LANGUAGE and whatever. Does that mean now that you have to set locales
in the initscripts -- with the argument users can always change the

> Users can always change the fonts if they want.
> About the sizes, again the default is 16 and users can change it...

So, first I use initscripts to set a font systemwide and then all the
users go and reset their fonts - very effective if you have users who
simply want their system to run properly. One user having an en_US
complaining that man displays with <AD>, the next one needing de_DE
complaining that he can't see the Euro and the third one jumps in
regularly whenever he gets foreign texts in greek, cyrillic, arabic.

It is not the task of a user to read all that stuff and see how he can
set all the configurations he needs. It is admins task to make sure
it works, no matter what a user needs.

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