Ronald Hummelink maillist at
Sun May 19 08:07:54 PDT 2002

While building LFS acording to the 18th of may CVS book I noted that
this and the latest CVS book still say this for sh-utils package:

FHS compliance notes

There is a command installed in this package which is named test. It is
often used in shell scripts to evaluate conditions, but is more often
encountered in the form of [ condition ]. These brackets are built into
the bash interpreter, but the FHS dictates that there should be a [
binary. We create that in this way, while still in the /bin directory:

ln -sf test /bin/[

After the install instructions were redone without the cd commands we
are not in the /bin directory after instalation finishes no more. The
test binary lives in /bin so creating the link this way works properly
nevertheless. The last part of the sentence can be removed for
correctness sake.


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