GCC-3.1 final

Ron Peterson (08/12/98) rep at canadawired.com
Mon May 20 22:40:19 PDT 2002

In article <3CE9AE70.6020901 at ualberta.ca> you wrote:
> The vim problem is due to gcc returning a warning about the search order 
> for include directories during the tests for header files.  The vim 
> configure script interperets the warning as an error.  I'm not sure 
> exactly why, my knowledge of regexs is a little limited.  If someone who 
> knows a little more could take a look at the script, we could probably 
> make a decent patch (and bug report?).

I used the following patch and it compiled fine, although someone
complained on the vimdev mailing list it didn't work for them, so


As for perl, I tried a snapshot (the latest I think) which also
compiled fine, but it is development so again YMMV:


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